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My name is Melissa Pilkey and I am a graphic, editorial and web designer from Michigan. I also dabble in the craft of needle felting, have a fondness for math and science, enjoy playing video games, play the flute/piano, watch movies, read books and of course, browse the Internet.

I created the Honey Bee Hive blog because I wanted to be able to share information I discover relating to the web design and development world. I also wanted to be able to allow others to contact me with interesting information they may find or to answer any questions on topics someone may have in this fun, ever-changing field.

Why did I call it Honey Bee Hive? Well, Melissa means “honey bee” in Greek and a hive can be defined as “a place swarming with activity,” which a blog sort of is. It’s swarming with content, anyway. With that, the Honey Bee Hive was born.