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This category features topics pertaining to writing or working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery and PHP. Various tips, workarounds, techniques and general information are presented.

Quote about blockquote

Quotes made easy with blockquote and cite tags

  • April 18, 2015
  • By Melissa Pilkey
  • Code

While creating a Testimonials page for another website, I was beginning to get frustrated with styling the quotes and citations (which was the author’s name of the quote), as well as the large quotation mark that I wanted before the quote itself. I originally had each element placed in a paragraph tag and gave them […]

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Various widget pictures

Adding widgets to your WordPress site

If you don’t want to have everything hard-coded into your various pages for your WordPress site, you can use widgets instead. Using widgets can keep the code on your php pages much cleaner, as you only have to add one simple line of code per widget. Let’s say you have three separate areas on your […]

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Days of the week image

How to make dates show for every post on WordPress

While developing the theme for this blog, I knew I wanted the date, author and category (or categories) to appear on each post. The author and categories were no problem, however, the date was giving me trouble. Inside of my php I was using the_date() function to get the date of the post, or so […]

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Foundation max-width image

A simple note on the max-width of Foundation

  • April 9, 2015
  • By Melissa Pilkey
  • Code

In creating the theme for this blog, I used the grid system from Zurb’s Foundation: A responsive front-end framework. In doing so, I realized that the max-width of the rows that it creates is about 1000px. That can be a bit small, considering most monitors today can accommodate widths much larger than 1000px. While I […]

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